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Outdoor & Steppe Cooking

Throughout the journey, we celebrate the hearty, original cuisine and traditional ways of preparing food of the Mongolian nomads. Amongst the hot sun, freezing cold, grassland. Whitewater, sand, forest and rocks. Basically, the kitchen is very simple. It is never raw, but always shaped by the natural environment in which the nomads are currently. The animals they eat grow up without fences in free, wild nature, the animals themselves choose what they eat, because they have an infinite choice of grasses and herbs available throughout the seasons. This originality is reflected in the quality and taste of the meat and the variety of products whose milk … whether goat, sheep, cattle, camel, reindeer, moose, bear, wild boar or horse, all live peacefully in harmony with nature. Only the pig has discovered modern Mongols only in Korea and import it to Mongolia. So the pork is the most expensive meat in Mongolia, because it’s simply not native to the area.

The methods of preparation are characterised by over 5,000 years of history of the equestrian people. The meat is usually cooked, and the original, savoury taste is extracted in broths. The Mongolian culture is considered to be the birthplace of the “hot pot”, which we will celebrate in its traditional, but also more modern variants.

During the entire journey, we cook together, always on open wood fire, be it in the open air by the campfire or in the wood-fired camp kitchen, every meal is like a small workshop with maximum edutainment factor …

In addition to the traditional preparation of whole goats and sheep with glowing tinder “Khorkhot” and “Bodoog” delicious Jak and marmot meat are also on the menu. Also, traditional nomad dishes such as “Tsuivan” (noodles with lamb or beef) or “ Khushuur “(mince-filled dumplings) will be on display in a workshop with camp cook Tsatsaa.

At the Camp Fire we traditionally prepare our own caught fish in a Mongolian fish soup or directly in the embers.

The two evenings on arrival and before departure in the capital Ulaan Bataar we dedicate very impressively to the modern Mongolian cuisine.

We traditionally drink Mongolian milk vodka or vodka, but we will also celebrate deliciously fermented mare’s milk or milk tea. Of course we will also combine “The Fifth Quarter Style” traditional nomadic dishes with specially selected wines of the world.

A popular Mongolian saying says:

“Tea becomes more delicious the more it is stirred, time becomes more precious the more of it has passed”


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