Authentic Steppe Mongolia

Wilderness Walks & Rides

Around 3 million people live in Mongolia, of which around 1.4 million live in the capital Ulaan Bataar. Mongolia is four times the size of Germany in terms of area. Mongolia has 80 million horses, goats, sheep, cattle and camels.

The means of transport in the rough terrain of this unique steppe landscape is traditionally the horse, but also the 4×4 Landcruiser, the speedy dinghy or airplane / helicopter … or just on foot.

From the river camp as a starting point, we take day trips on Mongolian horses, with 30 hp motor boats, the 4×4 jeep and on foot through rough terrain and breathtaking steppe landscapes and along crystal clear fish-rich rivers. You will also experience a “one night stand” in Mongolian felt yurts, the oldest human habitation outside of caves, legendary hospitality and a lunch with a nomadic family as you travel.

Two days of this journey belong to the horses, although these are ever-present. After breakfast in the camp, we start on horseback in convoy (2 horses per person) through rough terrain to a river mouth, where we enjoy a “fly fishing” workshop and stay overnight on the river in traditional nomad yurts. We spend the evening by the campfire and eat what we have caught from the crystal clear water. The next morning, after a Camp Fire breakfast, we continue with the horses to a nomad family for a traditional lunch, then back to the camp by horseback. A purely authentic outdoor experience.

With speedy dinghies we explore the crystal clear Eg River and its breathtaking valleys and river landscapes. – with small stops to spin or fly fishing … or just to inhale the breathtaking natural landscapes.


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