Culinary Summer Finland

… authentic -culinary lockdown in solitude and silence of water and forests.

“Culinary Summer”, a 7-day culinary “outdoor” adventure in the heart of the forest and island landscapes of the Saimaa Lake District with its 13,000 islands, about 35 km south of the small city of Savonlinna, on Finland’s 61st parallel.

In high quality equipped, traditional Finnish wooden huts, the seal huts (Norppa-Majat, see menu item “Accommodation Summer Camp”) we stage in our “Summer Camp” on a small peninsula of the fish-rich Saimaa Lakes – located directly on the water – an authentic culinary adventure journey. On open wood fires we celebrate self-caught freshwater fish such as pike, trout, whitefish (whitefish), perch, aland and crayfish as well as moose, reindeer, capercaillie, wood pigeon, white bream and mallard ducks from the surrounding seemingly endless birch, pine and larch forests.  Authentic preparations of wild salmon and vendace are part of the culinary choreography, as are Black Angus cuts (US grain fed/dry aged). From the “forest wine cellar” international wine points of selected family wine-growing estates accompany the daily authentic-culinary program. A campfire workshop deals with the distillation of vodka and gin.

Nestled in endless forests, our Summer Camp is surrounded by 4,370 km2 of water (drinking water quality).

Each of our cabins has its own jetty, two boats and a sun deck. No cabin is visible from another cabin.

We stage wilderness walks, island & cove boat-hopping through gorgeous lake scenery and daily outdoor cooking workshops, kayaks and SUP-boards are available for daily use.

the camp forests are full of mushrooms, blueberries and cranberries

Anglers fish from the shore with hand fishing (flasher, plug, spinner, jigger or fly) right outside the door or from their own rowboats and motorboats (4 hp outboard) for trolling and casting traditional bass and crayfish traps. For non-anglers, but of course for all participants, we offer introductory workshops on “spin and fly fishing”.

For physical regeneration, each camp cabin traditionally has its own wood-fired Finnish outdoor forest sauna as well as an indoor sauna, both with direct access to the lake. (see menu item “Sauna Summer Camp”)

All of the content and services described above are included in the “all inclusive” price of the trip without exception.

This trip is accompanied and staged by the international “wine & food edutainer” and certified sport fisherman Roland Birr (Oenologist)

3.195 € per person all inclusive, all food & beverages unlimited, accommodation, sauna, motor- and rowing boat, fishing equipment complete, fishing licenses & workshops, airport transfer Savonlinna

own arrival

We are also happy to coordinate and book flights according to your wishes and specifications.

We deliberately keep the group sizes small, max. 10 participants per group.

Please contact us: +49 176 40289039

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