Authentic Cape

Outdoor Cooking – Braai – Shisanyama – Gochi Gochi

During “Authentic Cape” we celebrate the traditional South African way of life in the Cape and prepare our “food” mainly on open wood fires, or “braai” as the South Africans call it. A “braai” is much more than just preparing meat, fish and vegetables on open wood fire, but almost a philosophy, it is an event that comes together in a relaxed atmosphere, sitting or standing, exchanging conversation, eating and drinking together. You have time, a lot of time!

If you want to understand South Africa, you have to understand “braai”, it is the soul of South Africans and expresses their essence. A traditional “braai” starts with making a fire and preparing an ember for grilling and cooking.

“Shisanyama” a Zulu word, literally means “burn meat”. They meet in the “townships”, usually in front of a butcher’s shop, and make a fire, drink and talk. In the culture of Zimbabwe-born, this is  essentially a type of culinary communication called “gochi gochi” (phonetically: gotschi gotsch), and here too, meat, fish and vegetables come over the flames.

A “braai” grounds.

During the seven days of “Authentic Cape” we stage “braai” in all its facets and traditionally use grill grates, potjie (traditional cast-iron pot) and wood for the different types of preparation of local products and specialties such as: domestic fish Snoek, Kingklip, Yellowtail, Cape Salmon, Angelfish or seafood such as the Cape Crayfish, Mozambique Shrimp, clams, squid, octopus and wild oysters.

Another focus is of course on meat & game of the region such as various antelope species (Springbok, Kudu, Oryx), but also wildebeest, ostrich and warthog and of course beef cuts such as ribeye, picanha, tenderloin or lamb from the Karoo in all variations.

Fresh vegetables from surrounding farms are constant companions on and off the fire.

Another focus is the Malay influence in Cape cuisine and the corresponding preparation of curries to Cape tapas. A day at the farm starts with fresh fruit, eggs from the camp fire, coffee etc … and ends again by the fire with big reds (or South African Fynbos gin & tonic as night cap).

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