Authentic Steppe Mongolia

Camp Accomodation


The first and last night in Mongolia is spent at the 5-Star Shangrila Hotel in the heart of Ulaan Bataar, the capital city.

During the tours through our target area (N 49 ° 41 ‘- E 102 ° 54’) in the northern Mongolian steppe, we spend the night in a traditional camp right on the Eg River in the Teshig region of Bulgan province. This area is called by the indigenous nomads “Emt”, and is located about 80 km south of the Mongolian-Russian border with Siberia and Lake Baikal, the largest drinking water lake in the world.

The overnight stay at the camp in single or double occupancy is in “simple Mongolian style”, in yurt-like wooden huts. These wooden huts are traditionally heated with wood. A generator supplies the huts with electricity. The river camp consists of five wooden cabins, a cooking, dining and lounge hut with terrace, a separate hut with toilet, washing and shower facilities including sauna (western standard, clean camp style & well maintained) and a fire pit with outdoor cooking and dining area.

One night will be spent on the river bank in Mongolian yurts, which can only be reached with horses in a caravan (2 horses per person). Since 2019 these fascinating yurts are a World Heritage Site, recognised as depicting the oldest dwelling of humanity after leaving the cave. These yurts “work” at -60 ° C, but also at + 40 ° C

In addition to the traditional Mongolian milk vodka and vodka, there is beer, gin, international wines as well as water and soft drinks in the camp for unlimited choice (all inclusive).

During the entire time in the steppe there is no telephone or internet reception. The camp has a satellite phone.

Breakfast is traditionally served with Mongolian milk, tea, coffee, home-baked bread and jam, sausage, dairy and eggs & bacon from the open log fire overlooking the Eg River and the surrounding hills of the steppe.

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