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… amore per la terra, rispetto della tradizione, sapore del territorio da più di un secolo/em>

A Oenophile-culinary journey into the classic heart of Tuscany, more precisely the Chianti area, the best that this picturesque landscape has to offer, the Chianti Classico area between Castellina-in-Chianti and Montereggioni, a perceived “stone’s throw” away from the historic Siena.
Four days of passionate, Tuscan lifestyle celebrated by international oenologist and wine & food ‘edutainer’ Roland Birr in the family atmosphere of the state-of-the-art Super-Tuscan producer Tenuta Villa Trasqua.
120 hectare’s distributed across organic viticulture around the top location “Nerento”, olive plantations and own forests. We stage the Bistecca Fiorentina in a veritable “meat-orgy” with Dario Cecchini in his legendary “Antica Macelleria Cecchini” in Panzano-in-Chianti.
Experience Siena, the heart and soul of Tuscany and one of the most beautiful cities in Italy from Piazza del Campo to Fonte Gaia.
Enjoy great Trasqua wines and authentic Tuscan cuisine with an extensive picnic in the surrounding woods. On open wood fires, we will light a “Macello sul Fuoco” – the Tuscan variant of “Grill to Thrill” and “Saperi & Sapori” in family-run trattorias: Sangiovese, Salame, Salsiccia, Pasta, Brasato e Risotto – the full program of viticulture, passion and expression of Italian joie de vivre.

The Taste & Travel trip “Villa Trasqua – Toscana Autentica” takes place on fixed dates, but can also be booked individually for closed groups.

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