Authentic Steppe Mongolia

„… and a river runs through it”

Nine-day authentic culinary adventure through the steppe landscapes of northern Mongolia, where time seems to have stood still before the arrival of civilization. An original world of endless, untouched steppe and hilly landscapes, crystal clear streams of drinking water and wild fauna & flora – the natural livelihood of people living away from the civilised world.

The international enologist and wine & food edutainer Roland Birr, a recognised connoisseur of various Asian cultures and regions for over two decades, takes you on a journey through time to the natural environment of indigenous nomads, 80km south of the border with Siberia, in an authentic and traditional experience.

Enjoy a breathtaking view of nature and the unique cooking, eating and drinking habits of Mongolian horsemen and their lifestyle of shamanism and Tibetan Buddhism in sustainable harmony with nature – influenced by 200 years of Chinese and 70 years of Russian culture.

The authentic culinary adventure begins by first acclimatising in the capital Ulaan Bataar with an overnight stay in the 5-Star Shangrila Hotel followed by a one-hour flight to Murun (Mörön) in the steppe the next day. From there we continue by 4×4 off-road to our camp on the Eg River (N 49 ° 41 ‘- E 102 ° 54’) in the area Teshig of the Bulgan province, where we will spend five days in wilderness and wild beauty amongst almost untouched nature – without any telephone and internet reception. (Satellite phone available).

Allow yourself to live like “simplicity is the highest form of sophistication” (Leonardo da Vinci). The accommodation is “traditional Mongolian” in yurt-style wooden huts by the river (see menu “Camp Accommodations”). In the land of the eternally blue sky, the daytime temperatures in July / August are 20-25 ° C, the night time temperatures usually between 10-15 ° C. The wooden huts are romantically heated with log fires. The power supply / hot water is provided by a generator. The camp also has a sauna.

Traditionally, Mongolian nomads feed themselves with meat and the diverse dairy products of their sheep, goat and cattle herds, but also through sustainable hunting and fishing. Our camp area is an absolute insider tip for exceptional fly fishing for grayling and Lenok from the salmonid family, as well as the prehistoric Taimen (catch & release only). Also a basic “fly fishing” workshop is on the program (see menu item “Fly fishing”).

An essential focus of this trip is on the common authentic preparation methods of food on open wood fires outside and inside the camp kitchen (see menu item “Outdoor & Steppe Cooking”) Besides the traditional preparation of whole goats and sheep with glowing tinder “Khorkhot” and “Bodoog” delicious Jak and marmot meat are also on the menu. We will also celebrate the traditional Mongolian “hot pot” as the origin of the hot pot culture. You will also experience the modern Mongolian cuisine on arrival and departure in Ulaan Bataar.

From the river camp as a starting point, we take day trips on Mongolian horses, with 30 hp motor boats, the 4×4 jeep and on foot through rough terrain and breathtaking steppe landscapes and along crystal clear fish-rich rivers. You will also experience a “one night stand” in Mongolian felt yurts, the oldest human habitation outside of caves, legendary hospitality and a lunch with a nomadic family as you travel. (see menu item “wilderness walks & rides”)

The return trip will be back to the 4×4 off road and plane from Murun to Ulaan Bataar, where we will spend the last night at the 5-Star Shangrila Hotel to prepare for the return flight and our return to the civilisation.

The “The Fifth Quarter” trip AUTHENTIC STEPPE takes place on fixed dates, but can also be booked individually customized for closed groups.

For passionate anglers we also offer “customised fly fishing trips” to Mongolia through our partner “Fly Shop Mongolia”. Detailed information and booking options can be found here: “Fly Shop Mongolia”

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